“Glory is fleeting,
but obscurity is forever.”
Napoleon Bonaparte, French Emperor

Chronicles Of Never
Why print?Everything we do is a statement. A statement of spirit, culture, personality, intent and in todays culture – brand. Your brand is a collection of references within a persons recollection of your work – be it – a creative style – an attitude – a colour or method – a relationship to market or association with a particular model or associated brand. Either way it’s about ‘how’ people remember your work. Print is a great way to be remembered or a great key to have them remember more – as people envision graphically.

At Printhaus, we see a print on fabric as having a major impact on a finished garment. Atleast as powerful as fabric, cut, assembly, embellishment or in many cases more. A print can be the immediate magnet that draws someone across a store floor to a garment – from here it is usually a combination of look, feel and fit.

A print can either be the entire garment or a panel or part – the’rock star’ of a garment – the expression piece. A print can hold within it ‘the meaning’ or purpose of garment – it can also break up your space or contrast another piece. It can have the splash of a leopard skin or the rigidity of a stripe, or softness or joy of a dot – it can challenge or comfort – or emblazon a message – limited only by the imagination using colour, light, form, rhythm and space … it’s an accessible and immediate real way to enter the market with something unique … something that no-one else has done in such a way that it is truly a statement of intent – your intent….

When you think about it – it’s a totally fresh palette … in an industry that is in constant revolution.

As designers and printers from inception of design to printing, we specialise in keeping and interpreting your design intent through the medium of screen printing – we make your unique expression come to life, on your fabric.

Why yardage?

Because it’s hard. This may sound strange – but because it is hard, or atleast you require certain skills, vision and experience to make it accessible – it’s not easy. The market is awash with placement prints and transfers – sitting, usually dead centre of a shirt, almost as an after thought. A yardage is something that is planned at inception of a design and inception of a collection. It is part of the plan – part of the motive – part of the cut – part of the marketing and is a very purposefull deliberate design.

Make your mark