Form follows function – that has been misunderstood. Form and function should be one, joined in a spirirual union.Frank Lloyd Wrightl, Architect, Icon

Seeger by Design – ‘Mangrove’ Print on hemp
See also Seeger extended ‘Koorie’ and ‘Deco’ collections
Palm Beach Prints – Bruce Goold – ‘Magpies’ Print on canvas
Multiple authentic ‘Bruce Goold’ yardage prints and products
available ‘Bow Wow’ Palm Beach, N.S.W.

Penny Farthing ‘Destination Scroll’
Metallic Silver on Raw stretched Canvas

Hand Screen Printing for Designer UpholsteryWe print classic homewares and upholstery fabrics in your designs on your fabrics. We lead the way in on-commission, Be-spoke printing for individuals, Interior designers and commercial enterprises.

Specialising in colour co-ordination, healthy environments and fabric print longevity by printing on natural fabrics with world leading professional and eco friendly sustainable inks.

Whether your style is a classic Damask or a lounge suite covered in vintage Vespas or everything inbetween we can work with you to print or develop your design product or range.

Furnishing Design is the art of living insitu – creating a design that compliments, challenges and harmonises the wider environmment through light, form, space and colour.

Stephen Woods

Key things to consider –

Consider the wear and tear of the environment the fabric will be used in and how it will be used.
ie. Hemps have exceptional scuff resistence and therefore will handle high traffic seating well. Linens are also a beautiful natural fibre.
We may also recommend certain ink formulas or preferences for certain applications.

What is the environmental impact of the fabric production process
There are many resources for looking into this like organic organisations that have accreditation systems.
One organisation called Ecospecifier used by many architects has a system of environmental and social analysis that takes into account wages, source material production, production process impact on the environment and many more aspects like recycleability and life expectancy …. they recommend fabrics for large building organisations for the overall health aspects and future sustainability of newly built environments.

What is the environmantal impact of our inks
We use only Permaset inks – we have 6/8 & 8/8 rating on the Blue Wool for colour fastness.
A Class 1 Oketex rating for Formaldehyde suitable for the most sensitive arenas such as childrens bedding.
Currently being assessed for organic classification by The U.K. Soil Association.

Swell Textiles – Yardages, homewares and custom environments

Art is history

Design is timeless

Fabric is for living

Make your mark