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Welcome to the Printhaus Service Guide 2017 In order to process your requests and ideas and evaluate if your job is suitable to our processes we need to ask you a few questions and see your artwork (Pre-lim / or working artwork is fine).
When applying please tell us your end use of product and note whether this is a sample print to be printed at larger volume later or if this is the sum total of the print project.Enquiries and application for print should be done on the ‘Printhaus Quote’.

Add GST (Goods and Services Tax) to all purchases if in Australia.
All prices are in $AUD

A Pricing Guide is available once we have established the details of your print request.

Lead Times
Production generally takes 2 – 3 weeks from approval of your strike-off depending on volume –
Priority Production (5 – 10 days) surcharge is + 40% Although this is not always possible depending on complexity of order, staff overtime availability, booked work and volume of orders.

Artwork concept and creation time.
Design, Pre-press, colour mixing are in an undefined category dependent on the scope of your project.
We can be part of your design process on request and we are involved with many peoples graphics but technically your time with us as printers starts when you have finished with your graphic design.

Strike-off (your print in your colour on your fabric)
You can reasonably expect your strike-off in 10 – 14 days from approval of your artwork and selection of your colours depending on scope of your entire job.

Production generally takes 2 – 3 weeks from approval of your strike-off depending on volume –
Priority Production (5 – 10 days) surcharge is + 40% Although this is not always possible depending on complexity of order, staff overtime availability, booked work and volume of orders.

You can pick-up or we can have your fabric delivered. We generally use ‘Couriers Please’ (part of DHL) Metro next day (interstate 2 – 3 days), ‘Fastway’ for W.A. or ‘Mail Call’ for ‘same day’, Sydney metro.
International orders are usually with FedEx for sampling and small volumes – 1 to 5 rolls.
Frieght forwarders for larger scale import and export orders.

We are more than happy for you to use your courier.

30% of total current production (not forecasted future meterage) print price / job as deposit to commence.
Full payment required before goods are dispatched from Screenhaus.
We accept Mastercard, Visa, Eftpos, Cash and Direct Transfer.

Art Specifications
Please read our specs and use our templates. If your art is in our (Illustrator or Indesign) templates, then we know you are aware of the scale of your art and the flow and width of screens & fabric.
In the early stages we are happy to work with art at different stages of development. A jpeg will usually put us in the picture.
Please note – As thi sis primarily a visual medium, it is paramount that we do have art to consider any quote or print request.

Strike Offs / Fabric lengths
Allow 2- 3 metres for strike-offs. We may ask for more fabric for complex combinations.

Fabric Quality
Old fabrics may be rejected due to un-suitability to print – to accept ink properly a fabric should be new and not contain protective agents. Usually printers will ask for PFD or PFP (Prepared for Dye / Ink).
This is not always necessary but we do ask for fabric in good condition.

Printhaus Service and Statement of Professional Capability

Hand printing is an organic process, where we strive for best outcomes and professional print standards to ensure you have commercially viable and acceptable product, as a client of Screenhaus you need to accept and understand that hand printing on textile may involve some inconsistencies and /or wastage which are considered part of the process.
You are asked to accept that this may incur additional costs in fabric or preparation necessary in development and production of one off, unique, hand printed fabrics.
You can plan for this by allowing extra fabric for testing and natural attrition. This is more apparent with difficulty and complexity
of design / fabric combination and relative size and structure of the project. This would be more apparent for a short multi colour yardage than for a one colour longer run as the capacity for problem solving increases with time application and distance.

As screenhaus specialise in printing on almost any fabric, we have vast experience in printing on many fabrics and for many different end uses. Where many fabric houses/ printers will restrict your fabric choices, we understand that your fabric choices can be very personal
and / or directional and is paramount to your finished product.

We work very closely with the chemists at – and use exclusively Permaset waterbased Inks in our production processes.
This allows us to not only work with the best possible base products but we can tailor your inks for your outcomes where necessary and possible. This allows us to deliver improved scuff qualities to homewares or improved softness to fashion (as two basic examples). Permaset Inks has a solid international reputation for quality and environmental practice.

We ask you to understand the above as we form a professional responsibility and partnership to strive for best outcomes when producing your custom designed, hand printed textiles.

Our position in the market is one of technical flexibility, solid product with environmentally and socially sound systems and outcomes.

We pride ourselves on delivering not only highly polished work to high profile designers and corporate clients but also as a place that can produce relative short runs for first time designers in many fields – therefore starting a proportionate large amount of new designers each year in and for Australia across many disciplines.

Steve Woods

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