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Hello everyone – this is the second Screenhaus ACCESS – 10 minute newsletter – designed to give you access to and help you create printed yardage & access services or information relating to you or the industry.

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FEATURE STORY – Christmas trading – Interesting or integral internet ?

Following the story in last issue of Ragtrader November 28 issue the strong trend toward internet social community cross shopping websites story continues to expand – placing internet as undeniably the most likely place that a potential new customer as well as established customers to interact with your brand, philosophy and latest collections – regardless of your sector.
Many customers are buying online without ever visiting a store and therefore placing strategic focus onto the quality and investment into the online boutiques.
With expected searches of apparel online to grow by between 25% and 38% for December (Google) we are seeing the playing field shift decidedly toward online as the key communications tool for brand to consumers (+ vice-a-versa).
Makes you think about where you are listing in Google for stand alone sites and the value of the communities.

Read the full story and interview with Nick Gower and Jean-Claude Abouchar, the creators of The Grand Social online community – about Fashion, Internet, Gen Y, Pop-up stores and where it’s all going … click here –

See 2 of the best examples of the internet community below –

Social and sales site –
Social and sales site –

Good press & Recent highlights

We got our piece of good press which is also our most recent highlight with about 30 minutes of national prime time TV focused directly on our work which was phenonemal . Thanks to a Bronwyn Bancroft designed 7 colour Print we created a 40 metre ‘Rainbow Snake’ which was the feature piece of the Channel 9 ‘Rugby League World Cup Opening Ceremony’. Couldn’t get a shot currently of the actual piece but it was quite impressive on television.


Recent outings

• Last week we also went to the FGI – Fashion Group Intrnational – Spring / Summer 2009 preview breakfast at the Sofitel in Sydney – hosted by Patty Huntington (see her online blog – ) she interviewed Akira Isogawa , Nicky Zimmerman and Josh Goot. Interesting comments was Akira in New York at the time of the meltdown feeling independant of the moment due very much to his unique fashion position or in my interpretation – people buy his clothes regardless of the situation because they love his clothes. Also of great note was Nicky Zimmerman strategic planning producing large amounts of her ranges in Australia and Josh Goot producing 100% of his range here. Josh is a great designer with a huge following and is also a testament to quality – Australian quality – great just to see it working.

As a result of the preview – myself personally, I love the work that continuously comes out of the Alexander McQueen label – this year will be no exception.

Check out the websites –

Josh Goots’ latest and greatest, sleak and ultra cool –
Nicky Zimmerman – the empire – global reach – 40% Australian made –
Akira Isogawa the philosophy of fashion and a lesson in brand integrity-
And of course Alexander McQueen –


UTS Graduates Left : (5 pieces) the work of Nilou Zibaee ‘backstage shot’ Right: (3 shots) Annette Traczyk

• Next stop was the UTS Sydney Graduate exhibition – the 2 designers we printed for both made the preview – the over whelming thought from watching this really quite brilliant show was – the cut … nothing ordinary here – the future looks truly intricate, integrated and finished … these photos do not do either of the collections justice.

See great shots of the entire show at –
& –

• We recently went to the Sydney Home Show at Fox Studios and talked to alot of Interior Designers and saw a few trend forecasting talks – My interpretation of these are – based around the recent financial crisis people will be looking for one of either 2 things in home furnishings. Either weathered or aged surfaces ‘to give the idea of credibility’ or ‘from a better more credible age’ the key word being Wabi Sabi – or finding beauty in imperfection – or the complete opposite which is a reaction to the same situation as a power statement which is the stark bright colours and clean lines of modernist plastics and form. This is a sister movement to the way that bright red lipsticks sell best during hard times / war. Yes – Revlon etc are doing fantastically as a result of the economic shift.

Making news in all the right places –

Therese Rawsthorne –
Romance Was Born – Young Australian Woman of the Year ‘Fashion’ etc etc etc –
Donna Sgro – Japan Fashion Week as one of 4 worldwide in the SHINMAI Creator’s Project –


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