‘Jersey’ City Summer OFFER

15% off any one colour ‘jersey’ print.

Why one colour Jersey?

We believe it’s the ultimate ‘access’ product.

It’s usable in T-shirts, tank tops, dresses, PJs, sloppy joes, hoodies.

It’s a high volume seller with an atractive price point under any brand.

It gives designers and retailers access to fast profitable turnover product and customers access to your brand and designs.

Being one colour, it begs for rationalised simple design which fits current styles and the casual flavor of the products.

All inclusive 15% off your film, screen, strike off and minimum 40M print.

Start now or dig out that design – orders must be booked before December 1 at the latest and printed by January 1 – but don’t wait that long – you can be in store for Christmas & holiday trading.

Not including artwork or frieght.

Is your pattern maker / CMT booked up ? – we can source if you don’t have the resources handy.

What do you think?

Get in quick – Get Instore!

GOT any news or questions?

Email us – [email protected]

or call – (02) 9519 1099



Art is history

Design is timeless

Brand is everything

Fashion is now

Make your mark

SCREENHAUS ACCESS NEWS LETTER No 1This is the first ever Screenhaus 10 minute newsletter – designed to give you relevant information to give you access to and help you create great printed yardage. In this internet age we have very little time to absorb everyone else’s information – so in the spirit of this – our news will be quick – always with an offer (see one colour jersey offer right) to get the juices going and always with some news, designed to help you access services or information relating to you or the industry.

2 Minute News –
• Our website was launched 2 months ago and is a place where you can get design templates, art specifications and general details on how to print. It’s designed to accessible.


• In the last 4 months we’ve totally changed over to Permaset inks – we believe them to be the best inks available in Australia. We’ve been working on maximum penetration formulas for jerseys and canvases and minimum bleed and feel formulas for silks and sheers.

Good press –

• We recently did a 2 day emergency turnaround on a Daniel Avakian electric blue ‘Diamond’ print dress for Connie Mitchell at the launch of the new ‘Sneaky Sound System’ album ‘2’ – The immediate hit from this album is Jersey City – therefore we thought we’d use it for our jersey offer far right! We’ve also had a few magazine covers and several Australian Idol pieces as well.

Recent highlights –

• We’ve had the pleasure of working with 2 new labels – one fashion and one furnishings where we have translated three new Aboriginal designers work for yardage. Extremely challenging and rewarding with absolutely brilliant results.


See feature story for the Chris (Wirriimbi-Oak) Edwards / Seeger Gallery story.


Print innovations –
* We’ve had one label using a 2 screen combination to build a 1.4M repeat to great effect as opposed to the single screen 70cm repeat. Another screen combination we’ve seen is what we call a ‘print – skip – reverse’where we are printing a screen – missing a strike – then turning the screen 180o and prining again – turning the yardage idea into large placement with room to cut garments where the pattern is only present on part of it.
Coming soon –
We’ve been working on both straight discharge and pigmented discharge inks . While discharge is fairly straight forward it is still at the mercy of your base fabric pre-dyed colour. This can now be tilted toward a colour so starts to open up the possibilities of multi-colour discharge.
Also coming will be website upgrades which will include tutorials for the new ‘live trace’ command in Illustrator and channel separations in Photoshop.

Quicky –
Feeling stripey? – Ask us for a zip file with all our Haus Library stripes in it as Illustrator files.