Reg Mombassa Mambo Stephen Woods and Screenhaus

This August we were asked by T-World Magazine and Mambo to produce 23 custom curtains and 30 chairs for the ’30 years of Shelf Indulgence’ Exhibition which was also the first exhibition in the new Ambush Gallery in Central Park. I personally loved the brand and at one time between 1984 and 2000 they had the heart beat of the nation that may not even exist now. The brand was quality art with irreverent humour, sometimes vulgar but always clever.


The exhibition was a major success with talks by Reg Mombassa (illustrator/ artist), Wayne Golding (Art Director / Artist) and Dare Jennings (CEO / Art Lover / Entrepreneur of epic proportions).

Stephen Woods And Curtains

Enough imagery to keep you entertained for hours

Three points were outstanding to me during the process –

1. This was the first yardage printed for Mambo onshore for 20 years,

2. This was culmination art – so the entire thing was art from every stage of Mambo from the first drawings to the latest ideas in black and white and stood as a wall of straight one colour honest line – from the classics of Bruce Goold, Paul McNeil, Reg Mombassa through to the modern masters of Ben Brown and James Jirat Patradoon.

3. The crazy timeline. We got artwork on USB at 4pm Thursday afternoon and built the combination artwork for approval (mostly scale) Friday night. We measured up everything we could Friday at the gallery & printed the first film Friday night + finished final edit. On Saturday morning we shot the first screen and rolled the 2 next yardage films and test printed the first screen. Sunday we shot the last 2 screens and did the first 2.1 metre combination 3 screen repeat. Monday we printed the first 60 metres and started sewing and came in to test the first curtain. Tuesday we printed another 60 metres and sewed all day. Wednesday did the first of a basic install for Wednesday night Press & VIP opening. Thursday came and filled in gaps for Thursday night general opening. Cushions were finished for the Saturday talks in the main theatre.


Reg Mombassa & Stephen Woods (Screenhaus)


Great Vibe – I love these designers / designers – they have imagination and absolute integrity in their work.