There is no time for cut-and-dried monotony.
There is time for work. And time for love.
That leaves no other time.
Coco Chanel, Designer, Icon

Dion Leechronf
Chronicles Of Never

Donna Sgro

Fashion and Garment PrintsPrinthaus print for premier fashion labels, surf companies and street labels.

We hand screen print your original designs onto your unique fabric.

We specialise in Yardage / meterage and oversize cut panels printing on most fabrics.

Our inks have the absolute best ratings of any garment ink in Australia. Classified Class 1 Oketex rating as safe for infants and lingerie.
We use Australian made Pernmaset inks, Permaset is used across Europe, U.K.,
Japan and the U.S.

“Printing with Printhaus has strengthened our commitment to socially
and environmentally sustainable design.
Printhaus only use water-based inks, making them a socially responsible company, concerned about the environmental footprint their production practices leave.
This is directly aligned to the goals we have for our supply chain.”

Untouched World, Fashion Label, New Zealand

Our strength is deep graphic knowledge & qualifications, versatile thinking and passion for the finished print.

A fashion print can be as versatile as any part of a garment – it can be low key and subtle or as loud as you like. Few things can have the scope or impact of a print. A fashion print and especially a yardage print, requires certain skills and tenacity. It is something that is planned at inception of a design and inception of a collection. It is part of the plan – part of the motive – part of the cut – and a decisive part of the marketing.

Steve Woods

Left – Trois
Middle – Romance Was Born
Right – 4tsmara

We welcome start-up Australian brands with first run prints. Our 20m sample & print run is designed for sampling but also for first time designers doing a first time collection without having to go offshore, making liason practical and choices real.

Left – Honey Hartley
Middle – Daniel Avakian
Right – Therese Rawsthorne

4 Approaches to Print –

Graphic Story
There is the design centric collection where there are a combination of different prints linking to fabrics and cut through theme, colour and execution. Which may be watered down between the catwalk and the actual production to several prints but would still remain the multi print focused collection.

Resolved Idea
The next style is more a collection unified by cuts and fabric with one design / element across the entire collection in different shapes and forms. This is a very directional approach and may dilute in the number of garments from catwalk to production. The print remains a key focal point.

Signature Print
This approach is a hallmark of a savvy designer. One print, sometimes two versions. Something like a positive and negative of the same print or a scaled version of the same print or a print containing a key element from the first print …. or the same print in two different colourways. Regardless, the print is strong and the intent is impact and great use of a clearer objective and resolved design. This type of work is just as likely to be a surf range doing a ultra credible hand printed board short as a womens wear designer putting a unique print across a dress and mini. A signature print can enjoy extended life beyond the collection and will almost certainly surface later as a mark of the designer.

Staples are great. We can print stripes and spots and leapard skins (season and decade dependant) for almost any market and any product. They don’t argue with a collection and are a great way to acheive a classic look without fuss. Unified by colour, staples are a great way to illustrate and throw attention back to the cut and fabric.

Art is history

Design is timeless

Fashion is now

Make your mark