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Donna Sgro

ENVIRONMENTAL STATEMENTAs handprinters, we have responsibilities to the environment and the industry. Our Environmental focus starts with absoloute eco friendly Permaset Aqua (Currently being evaluated for Organic Certification) water based inks. These inks also carry a 8/8 rating on the Blue wool scale and is considered a Class 1 Oketex rating for Formaldehyde. Our wash up solutions are subsequently only for waterbased inks and our thinking goes further into product yeilds, on-shore accessibility to services, product education and recycling. Down to our own footprint reduction.

We are part of the Marrickville Council Target sustainability program, we are committed to 10% reduction in all areas (energy consumption / waste reduction / water usage reduction) by January 2011. We have just had new energy assessments haded to us (Oct 2010 through ‘Blue Green Engineering’ of which we have our latest improvments in energy functions and waste identified and are looking at implementation over the next few months.

Our next goal is water waste classifications and usage. I would love to improve our filter systems way past where we are – in order to be putting pure water back into the environment. Our inks and cleaning agents already help us here immensely as all toxins are now removed from our systems and no plastisol inks or solvent based inks or cleaning agents are in use here.

We have far surpassed all agendas so far and are looking toward carbon neutral to positive within 3 years. Preferably off the grid.

See link here to the Marrickville Council Target Sustainability Program.

We have as a result got our rubbish wastes to landfill to 25% of previous / carbon footprint due to electricity usage to 50% of previous. Our ink supplies are now delivered in returnable drums – washed and re-filled. This is just the beginning.

We have pioneered a system of using the fabric rolls from end use fashion cutters and makers to roll our end use fabrics onto removing these or atleast extending use and alieviating duplication of these rolls.


Also well worth looking at for environmental goals toward furnishings is Eco Specifier / Green Tag certification for whole of environmental impact for building classifications on all building materials and furnishings. With particular focus on their software and relevance to architects as source supplier lists. This is the future of impact appraisal in taking into account social / environmental source / recyclability issues and impact.


Our main point of education is the on-shore processes available here to make garments and furnishings for Australia in house – all the way from fabric to packaging – reducing the need for off-shore production and sea and air transportation.

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