First, make yourself a reputation for being
a creative genius.
Second, surround yourself with partners better
than you are.
Third, leave them to get on with it.
David Ogilvy, Advertising Man, Icon

Bronwyn Bancroft – ‘Rainbow Snake’
Rugby League World Cup Opening – Channel Nine
(80 metre yardage x 7 colour print made into 40 m 3D snake)Barracks266
‘Hyde Park Barracks’
Historic Houses Trust through the Definitive Group
(Single colour reds onto N.Z. Hemp over multiple 5 – 6m banners)

Corporate Textile ImageFlexible and capable hand screen printing for multiple uses.

Our work revolves around the print outcome. We have many ways to print and the thinking to solve unusual requests with low chemical emmission interior environments and effective branding on soft textile.

One of our key audiences is the application to new technologies in building codes through architects for low (to none) emmission indoor fabrics for upholstery. This also translates
to branded uniforms and then corporate advertising.

Future proof your corporate interiors or brand your event.

In corporate applications, colour and branding are paramount. As designers we can understand your communications and your project scope. We enable the translation through our processes to achieve your purpose and visual objectives.

Steve Woods

Need something that is just that bit involved for the everyday makers – at the end of the day you need delivery that makes everyone look good.

Left – AussieBum Briefs branded in the ‘Myer’ logo for ‘G’day LA’.
(Pearl and white super cover base onto polester base)

Middle – Rachael Ruddick – Silk Scarf for ‘The Bag Lunch’ for ‘Sydney Childrens Hospital’, Randwick.
(Single colour 45lpi halftone print onto white silk cut panels)

Right – Permaset Inks swatch books
(12 combinations 144 colours, 16 fabrics – Hemps to plastics)

Art is history

Design is timeless

Brand is everything

Make your mark