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Hello everyone – It’s been 6 months since I did a Screenhaus Access Newsletter
Doing them every 6 months, I’ve been incredibly successful at not being labelled as spam …. welcome to Access ….

> GFC Volume 2
> Green anything – fabrics – methods
> Green as lifestyle – Green as value – value as luxury
> ***Biennale of Sydney No17 –
> Bronwyn Bancroft Exhibition ‘TIME’ Now On – 6th June – Wilson St Gallery –
> Ingenuity – entrepreneurs – apprenticeships – change ….
> Artsconnect –
> Beatie –
> Balance …

> Peak Oil = Locally Made Globally = Community
> Hemp grown in Australia – what a product – see the short story below …
> ***Interwoven Exhibition – Design Institute of Australia – Gaffa Gallery –
> Water in the Murray …
> EcoSpecifier – Eco ratings on everything for architects – how green are you –

> Volcanos over Europe …
> Sydney Fashion Week … but you can still see the Frockstars Exhibition –
> ***T V – Documentary ‘Blood,Sweat and T- shirts’?
A 3 part documentary by the BBC on a group of very fashion conscious young Brits that go to India to experience how their clothes are made – Brilliant. Amazing what a little education does for an attitude.
Watch the film clip – it’s priceless –

> Natural Fabrics – As a result of continuous requests we are now supplying some rarer (is that a word) fabrics – we’re only really interested in the enviro-style fabrics that we can supply to our customers – but this will include hemps, linens, organic cotton poplins/jerseys, bamboos and blends of. To get dyed batches we still need minimums of 2 – 300m but whites and naturals we will stock as we get more organised – until then we will be able to source many of these type of fabrics for our customers. Of particular note is the artists’ raw hemp and some very cool denims.

> Oversize Placement Printing – We are also venturing into fashion T shirt printing – we have been expanding our capabilities in terms of giant placement and off the seams screenprints – we have developed an info pdf which you can download that will put you in the picture here. Sizes available A4 – A3 – 400 x 520 – 480 x 580 – 790 x 900 – 790 x 1400 – waterbased inks, opaques, metallics, flouros, phosphorescent and discharge. Download the Pdf here….


Many fashion and furnishing designers looking for a new artistic bent on their labels and products have often outsourced design to specialty design houses. Rouse Phillips Print Studio is the textile design company of Tim Rouse and Anastasia Phillips.


Two people from very different design disciplines – Tim, Painting and Graphic Design; and Anastasia, screen-printing and fashion. The two combine their backgrounds to create playful and artistically driven designs for fashion and upholstery fabrics. Their original designs can be used in both the screen and digital print process – read more


We covered interwoven last year – it was hosted by the Design Institute of Australia and was a great success. This year has moved to a bigger venue and has a wide sampling from everything fabric and it’s interpretations up the minute when the doors open.

> Featuring – Eastern Weft – Ampersander – Seeger Gallery – Kassia Laiconik, Pip Willy – Daisy Prowse, KTribe WearBeattie – Zefyr Jewels –


> We are also exhibiting! Yep – scary – but – after three years of doing everyone elses work I’ve booked in to force myself to create some of our own work – it’s all in a state of total flux but growing. The theme will be … green … all else is art.

>See last years feature story ….

>> HEMP – Fast facts from the Hemp Gallery –

The hemp fibre is nearly the same as wool, they are both hollow in the middle, making it a better insulator than cotton or linen.
There are no chemicals in the growing, processing and manufacturing of the hemp and hemp blend fabrics.
The Newport range which is the upholstery weight canvas, has been Martindale tested by the AWTA and it was classified as heavy duty commercial at 37,500 rubs. (That’s impressive).
The English word canvas actually comes from the Latin botanical name for hemp, ‘cannabis’.
Hemp fabric has 4 times the tensile strength of cotton.
It’s also mould and mildew resistant with antibacterial properties


Want to learn more about yardage / meterage printing – NEXT OPENHAUS – WEDNESDAY – 14th July – 6.30pm – 9.00pm * * * For industry people from all fields interested in yardage printing – RSVP by the 1st July

See examples, ask questions, learn more – practical displays and demonstrations.

Groups are welcome – existing clients welcome – but numbers will be limited so everyone can get a well informed visit – so get in early. It will be a easy going and informative night for all – call 9519 1099 or email [email protected] to book.

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