ACCESS NEWSLETTER No 3 – The 10 minute newsletter, window to yardage printing and where we find ourselves in fashion, furnishing and art.

The feature story for this newsletter was almost going to be the success of the OPENHAUS nights – We have booked out our first three evenings and also conducted a special OPENHAUS day event for 30 students from ‘The International School of Colour and Design’. Our last OPENHAUS while doing the complete design to table experience was highlighted by Donna Sgro showing aspects of her latest collection on the way to Japan (read more in the feature story below). The OPENHAUS is designed for designers, production managers, cutters, makers, upholsterers and students – we aim to open the door for anyone interested in printing yardage – showing everything from design, film, screens to actual print demonstrations.

Want to be part of the next OPENHAUS learn more about yardage / meterage printing – NEXT OPENHAUS IS WEDNESDAY – 13th May – 6.30pm – 9.00pm – RSVP by the Wednesday 6th May – (02) 9519 1099 or [email protected]

FEATURE STORY – Donna Sgro, ‘Octopus’s Garden’ and the Shinmai Creators Project

No place on earth can challenge the present so much as the Japanese – curators of a truly dynamic aesthetic. One of the strongest culturally sovereign domestic, and Import / export markets in the world – if Japan turns and smiles at your creations you have captured the imagination of 126 million of the most curious people of the world.


Donna Sgro, Sydney fashion designer – has recently ventured into Japan with the Shinmai Creators Project. One of 5 designers choosen worldwide she has just completed her collection (shown in part at the last OPENHAUS) and just featured at Japan Fashion Week – Her collection will be on the 1st floor podium at Isetan Department Store in Tokyo from 10th June.

Donna was sponsored by Screenhaus as part of her entry to Shinmai – we have just finished her production print run and they are cutting and making now for the mainstream launch in June.

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Around the printing table – There is plenty of talk around the place about the global financial system breakdown (with the emphasis on the words ‘financial system’) and how it is affecting fashion and furnishing businesses – from here many people are doing really well, some as a result of taking stock, some just re-adjusting and some are just booming – we’ve all seen one or 2 people leaving the industry, but on the whole I think it’s a good year so far. I have great belief in Australia and Australians and our ability to prosper when circumstances need quick thinking and concerted action. The whole thing if nothing else is throwing the spotlight on onshore manufacturing, onshore skills, green alternatives and sustainable thinking.

The cutting edge marketing/ futurist talk is focused on the ‘latte’ consumer (local, authentic, traceable, transparent and ethical) with the hard core alternatives being the ‘dreamintelligence’ thinkers and their embracing of all that is ‘fantasy escapeism’, ‘dreamtopias’, ‘envisioneering’ and ‘wild skies thinking’ (no prizes for guessing you need to talk to them on the web) – with the interesting leap toward full mainstream synthetics, including clothing and finally food as the new world is trying to reinvent itself. It’s funny how far apart these these two comsumer groups are but they meet on subjects like eco protectionism and therefore the new must have fabrics of hemps and bamboos. One side for the environmental focus and the other for all out rejection of all that is old. There is also some interesting talk about the true green value of polyester V’s cotton … who is more green? How this all fits with day to day marketing is really in the planning ‘back of mind’ subconscious choices of next seasons look and feel.

The top end of the market is dulling down it’s opulent outward focus (outrageous bling is out unless it’s art (plastic and steel are cooler than gold) or vintage) so we are seeing many designers striping back features and working with more minimalist approaches to stores and packaging – alot of deliberate worn and aged surfaces to give authenticity. So expect helvetica minimalism blacks and whites or natural finishes on clothing, stores and communications. The term is ‘rough luxe’ and the market is ‘no-frills affluents’.

Coming soon – We are planning an OPENHAUS feature night focused on fashion marketing for designers – where we will lift the usual 30 people threshold to do a more information based night focused on getting people to market.
Speakers will be announced closer to the date with both public relations and agents represented – there will also be a designer that can reflect the experiences of these on their business and exposure to market and sales.

Turning Japanese – We are also starting to build our first collections to sell prepared fabrics and art pieces online – we have just recieved the first 4 designs from Emiko Nakamura of Osaka – an edgy designer with that beautiful Japanese aesthetic of consideration and ornamentation … we’ll preview them next newsletter.

What’s on –

Rosemount Australian Fashion (Sydney) Week starts – Monday 27th April

Design Ex (Melbourne) 30th April – 2nd May

Fashion Craft & Technology (UTS) Exhibition opens – 27th April

Finders Keepers 15 – 16th May (Carriage Works, Redfern)

Fashion Pallette 1- 2nd May


6.30pm – 9pm WEDNESDAY 13 th May


Groups are welcome – existing clients welcome – but numbers will be limited so everyone can get a well informed visit – so get in early. It will be a easy going and informative night for all – call 9519 1099 or email [email protected] to book.